Mo Elleithee (F'94) to Lead New Institute of Politics and Public Service

Mo Elleithee

With the 2016 presidential election fast approaching, Mo Elleithee (F'94) thinks it's time to bring some new voices to the table to help improve our nation's current political process. He also thinks these new voices should be from Georgetown students.

The 20-year veteran of national politics and School of Foreign Service alumnus has been appointed as executive director of Georgetown's newest institute, the Institute of Politics and Public Service. Launching this fall at the McCourt School of Public Policy, the institute will "engage political, business, nonprofit, academic and other leaders in efforts to shape global, regional and national agendas."

Elleithee is excited about the opportunity to be at the forefront of this important new program of study. "We want to be a place where students are teaching as much as they are learning…where young people get excited about lives in public service," he said in a recent essay on Medium, announcing his decision to return to Georgetown in this new role. "We want to be a place where we prepare the next generation of leaders and where they help us become better leaders ourselves."

An experienced communications strategist and self-proclaimed lover of politics, Elleithee has spent his extensive career helping political leaders and organizations tell their stories. He has worked with four presidential candidates as well as senators, governors, and other federal, state and local candidates. Mostly recently, he served as communications director for the Democratic National Committee.

Elleithee also explained his views on the current political process and how he hopes the new institute will play a major role in changing it. "Our democracy is strongest when we can debate the issues and figure out how to move forward, even when we don't agree. We can be fierce partisans and still be productive. We've lost sight of how to do that. It's time to bring new voices into the process to help up figure it out," he said.

Grounded in Georgetown's Jesuit mission of service to others, the McCourt School of Public Policy was founded in the fall of 2013, with the support of a $100 million gift from Georgetown alumnus Frank H. McCourt, Jr. (C'75). The school is "dedicated to inspiring young people to become leaders in politics and public service here and abroad."

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