John Carroll Weekend, Alumni Staff and Memories

As we count down to this year’s John Carroll Weekend celebration in L.A. this week, we took a look back at past years’ events and asked Georgetown alumni and staffers to share some of their favorite memories of this signature celebration. Read on the see what the favorite parts of John Carroll Weekend were for both first-time attendees and long-time veterans.

President John J. DeGioia

2008 Madrid, 2013 London - John Carroll Weekend veteran

“As part of our 2008 John Carroll Weekend in Spain, we celebrated the launch of our partnership with Universia and a new online journal, the Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability. This was a special moment to highlight the central role of partnerships in our university’s global engagement, and the strength of our research, teaching, and collaborations in Spain and Latin America.

“Another memorable event was during our John Carroll Weekend in 2013, when we came together for an extraordinary panel on the role of women in promoting peace and security in our world. The Women, Peace, and Security panel was a testament to Georgetown’s leadership in this area, through the contributions of the late Carol Lancaster (F’64), Ambassador Melanne Verveer (I’66, G‘69), Nancy Pelosi (H’02) and so many others—and to the importance of this conversation for our global family.”

Michelle Fares (B’10)

2014 Miami - First time at JCW

“My sister, Gaby Fares (C’13), lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, about an hour away from Miami. She called me and said, “We have to go to John Carroll Weekend.” Having just graduated in 2013, she was especially excited to go. Since it was so close, and we both had never been, I thought, ‘Why not?’

“The most interesting event for me happened when I needed to kill some time between events and decided to attend a panel discussion with Father O’Brien on the new Pope, [Pope Francis]. I ended up really loving it, and chatted briefly with Father O’Brien afterward, since I knew him from my days as a student. The panel was really interesting.”

Bill Reynolds (C’79, Parent ’10, ’13)

1993 London - JCW veteran

“As an alumnus, John Carroll Weekend is always a big highlight of every year, but the most memorable John Carroll experience for me was in 1993 in London, when I received the John Carroll Award. It was so wonderful that my family was able to attend with me. My wife Jeanne (NHS’82) and my parents were there, and also my sister Julia (C’85, L’89) and her husband Daniel. It was really an honor to share the night with these incredible John Carroll Awardees, and to have my family there along with my Georgetown family to support me.

“It was especially exciting to have fellow Hoya President Bill Clinton (F’68, H’80), who was then in the first year of his presidency, introduce all of the awardees in a special tribute video. It was a surprise to all of us, and to have him congratulating us personally and reading our accomplishments was both amazing and humbling.”

Veena Abraham (B’04)

2014 Miami - First time at JCW (as a guest)

“I am an alumna and former staffer at Georgetown. As associate director of regional programs, I presented Miami to the Board of Directors as a possible location for 2014. Since I am originally from Florida and was staff liaison at the time for the Miami Alumni Club, it was really cool to see that location win.

“I was excited to be able to attend some of the events as a guest for the first time last year. One of my favorite events from the weekend was the Rat Pack-themed reception at Villa Viscaya. It was so much fun for me and my husband to dress up. Viscaya is such a landmark in Miami; it was great to have special access to that, and to see so many distinguished alumni mingling with local notable persons like Tomás Pedro Regalado, mayor of Miami.”

Maximilian “Max” Stoiber (F’11) (Chime #220)

2013 London - First time at JCW

“I had been to a few John Carroll events in the past as a Chime, singing with the group, but when I went to London in 2013, it was my first time attending as an alumnus. I had just graduated two years before and was one of the youngest people there, but as a Chime it’s great because there are always other Chimes there, and I was singing a lot on the fringes of the different events.

“One event that stood out for me was the dinner with Madeline Albright, who had been a professor of mine. It was held in an absolutely amazing, Middle Age, gilded British dinner hall. I remember sitting at a table with a bunch of younger alumni and chatting with them about their lives in Europe. It was such a great atmosphere and a special Georgetown feeling.”

Bruce Ditman (C’98)

2013 London - First time at JCW

“My first time at John Carroll Weekend was in London. I thought the coolest part was the special access to certain locations. The gala dinner was set in Guidhall, a dramatic royal hall, and we went to a reception at the Victoria and Albert Museum where there was a David Bowie exhibit at the time. It was just amazing to be there with other Georgetown people at this world-famous museum, drinking a cocktail next to a bust of Oliver Cromwell.

I enjoyed taking pictures while I was there in London too. I Instagrammed the whole thing, taking pictures everywhere with a Pez dispenser for my kids.”