GUAA Adopts a New Visual Identity

Image of GUAA logo

Since its founding in 1881, the Georgetown University Alumni Association’s (GUAA) mission has been to connect alumni around the world.

Until this year, GUAA used the university seal as a logo in communications to alumni. In order to convey the uniqueness of GUAA and its priorities, the Board of Governors recently adopted a new logo.

“Feedback from alumni leaders indicated that the logo needed to convey the association as distinctive, welcoming, inclusive and a ‘home’ for alumni coming from diverse backgrounds with a shared spirit for learning,” said Anne Marie DiNardo (G’00), GUAA Communications and Technology Committee chair. “We worked hard to ensure the visual identity reflected those sentiments.”

Spearheaded by members of the Board of Governors in partnership with Georgetown staff, the visual identity project team discussed many diverse approaches for a GUAA logo, including ones that featured classic images such as the Healy spires, Jack the Bulldog, and the Wagner Alumni House sign. While there was support for these approaches, the GUAA sought a logo that would appeal to all 175,000 alumni, from the Hilltop to across the globe.

Taking a new spin on the traditional, the adopted version encompasses a portion of the Georgetown seal displaying the Latin phrase Utraque Unum, which means, “both are one.” Parts of the seal’s olive branch are also visible at the top left edge, which signify peace.

The round shape was chosen to represent the Alumni Association’s global presence, including the 40 international clubs chartered by GUAA and the 162 countries in which alumni reside.

The new logo also reflects the Alumni Association’s mission to “generate goodwill and support for the University, and to foster a lifelong connection among alumni, our alma mater, and the global Georgetown community.”

“We hope when members of the Georgetown community see the GUAA logo, they will recognize that this is an alumni-related activity or event,” said GUAA President George J. Peacock (C’84, P’16). 

According to University Archivist Lynn Conway, aside from Georgetown Athletics, the newly-adopted GUAA logo is the only other university affiliated logo that differs from the traditional Georgetown seal.

Along with Peacock and DiNardo, Erin Greene, Office of Advancement executive creative director, was also instrumental in seeing the GUAA visual identity project come to fruition.

“By establishing a logo, the GUAA brand will only strengthen over time,” said Peacock.

Guidelines for the Association’s logo will be made available on the alumni website in summer 2016.

For questions about the new GUAA visual identity, please email

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