Regional Contacts Program

The Regional Contacts program is designed to provide a launchpad for emerging clubs, as well as an opportunity for engagement for alumni in regions that do not meet the minimum population requirements to automatically enter the new club process, as outlined in the guidelines. Alumni interested in becoming a contact in a particular area should email Essentially, as a contact you are volunteering to be a hub for Hoyas in your region even if there isn't enough bandwidth or bench strength for a full alumni club.

Discover alumni near you on the Regional Contacts page.

Benefits Offered to Alumni Contacts:

  • Access to all tools and resources via the Volunteer Portal
  • Staff support via virtual office hours, or the Alumni Clubs inbox (note: Alumni Contacts are not assigned staff liaisons)
  • Right to use GUAA visual identity in social media
  • Insurance/indemnity via GUAA as appropriate for official functions, and as outlined in the language on the interest form
  • Listing as an official network on
  • Up to 3 broadcast emails per fiscal year

Guidelines for Alumni Contacts:

  • Contacts may not collect dues or hold paid events
  • Contacts must have a defined geographic area that they serve (i.e. if you serve just the City of Nairobi, Kenya, you are the "Club of Nairobi" not the "Club of Kenya")
  • Contacts must welcome all GUAA members to participate in events
  • Contacts may use GUAA brand/visual identity elements on social media
  • Contacts must submit an Annual Interest form to maintain their status
  • Contacts may be led by any individual or group of GUAA members
  • Contacts may exist in perpetuity if these terms are met
  • Contacts are not eligible for the Club Awards Program
  • Contacts are not required to adopt standard by-laws
  • Contacts will be required to sign a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement