The Georgetown University Alumni Association & The Board of Governors

Executive Message

Founded in 1881, the Georgetown University Alumni Association has grown to include more than 190,000 alumni from all 50 states and more than 110 countries. The mission of the Georgetown University Alumni Association is to generate goodwill and support for the University and to foster a lifelong connection among alumni, our alma mater and the global Georgetown community. Association programs are an established network that keeps friends in touch with each other and with the university and helps create social, service, and career opportunities around the world. All alumni from all campuses are members of the Alumni Association and are entitled to take advantage of Alumni Association resources.

The Board of Governors is the leadership body of the Georgetown University Alumni Association. Governors are elected by a vote of alumni. These volunteers represent the alumni body by providing direction to the alumni relations programs of the university and advising the university's president and board of directors on matters of importance to alumni.

The Board of Governors meets several times each year. Its officers are a President, a President-Elect, Executive Director, Treasurer and a Parliamentarian. Jeff Chapski (B'91) is the current president of the alumni association.

For a roster of board members, list of committees and more information about the Board of Governors, visit the Board of Governors Web site.

The Georgetown University Alumni Association is the chartering organization for all regional clubs and, as a separate 501c(3), this requires that each club comply with specific bylaw and financial protocols. The GUAA Board of Governors Alumni Club Committee provides the Association guidance on the management and best practices for Georgetown alumni clubs. The Committee also promotes recognition of outstanding club leadership by selecting candidates to receive awards from the Association each year. Working with other Association committees, the Committee works to develop enhanced opportunities for alumni engagement for all Georgetown alumni. Alumni Club Committee goals include:

  • Deepening engagement with leadership of local Alumni Clubs and improve connectivity with the Board of Governors
  • Recognizing Alumni Clubs for significant achievements and progress
  • Continuing outreach to international Alumni Clubs
  • Enabling fit for purpose technology and communication platforms for Alumni Clubs

Currently Curtis Romig (C'94) serves as the Chairs for the Alumni Club Committee. Vice chairs include John Gotaskie (F'94), Alex Kane (C'96), Jacqueline Kenneally (C'89), Rosa Levy (C'88), Aldrinana Leung (F'07), Keavney Klein (N'02, L'08), Paul Liebeskind (C'08), and Stephanie Ortbals-Tibbs (C'91).