Club Event Spotlights: Summer Send Off at Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream

Summer Send Off at Lulu's
  • Name of club: Georgetown Club of Miami
  • Leader Name: Keith Kohler
  • School/Class Year: F'88
  • Position within club board: Co-President/Treasurer
  • Programming Category: Social, Young alumni
  • Event headline: Summer Send Off at Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream
  • Event description: Every year the Club of Miami, along with numerous other alumni clubs across the globe, welcome the incoming class of Hoyas from their area to a summer send off event before those students head to the Hilltop for the first time. This past year Miami was able to host their event at the alumna-owned Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream, a great way to welcome our incoming Hoyas at a fun and family-friendly location. The students were able to enjoy their own ice cream creations, hear from club leaders about their time at Georgetown and their work as volunteer leaders, and meet with local alumni while they enjoyed their sweet treats!
  • Event outcomes:The Club of Miami saw wonderful turnout by picking a great location while highlighting a Hoya-owned company. All students and parents were able to experience the best of Georgetown at this family friendly location and meet with alumni to prepare them for their upcoming departure to the Hilltop.
  • Tips for Clubs Planning this Type of Event: Consider family-friendly Hoya-owned locations; they are a great draw for students and for alumni. Plan early in these instances so that our small business owner Hoyas can be prepared for the occasion.