Club Event Spotlights: Intellectual

  • Name of club: Georgetown Club of Dallas
  • Leader Name: Sargon Daniel
  • School/Class Year: B’04
  • Position within club board: President, Georgetown Club of Dallas
  • Programming Category: Intellectual, Social
  • Event headline: Georgetown Day in Texas
  • Event description:  When you get a chance to leverage a well-known speaker, you have to figure out the right way to take advantage of it.  This was the case for Georgetown Day in Texas, where T. Boone Pickens spoke at the Dallas Museum of Art in October 2015.  

Through a Georgetown connection, the Georgetown Club of Dallas was able to secure T. Boone Pickens to give a talk on a certain day.  From there, the Dallas Club found a gorgeous venue in the Dallas Museum of Art to give the talk.  Then they secured a fantastic professor from Georgetown to give a lecture about the venue, as well as the current president of the Georgetown Alumni Association to give a quick introduction.  By charging below the cost for the event, they were able to attract an incredible amount of attendance for the event, making it the best attended event in the Club’s history.

T. Boone Pickens was interviewed by his grandson, who is a Hoya, and also allowed the audience for some Q&A time as well.  Food and drink were provided both before and after, allowing time for mingling among the gathered alumni.  

  • Event outcomes:  112 alumni and friends came out for this event, the most successful event to date for the Club of Dallas.  
  • Tips for clubs planning this type of event
    • Bringing in a big speaker, while tough, can be a huge draw for your event.  Be sure to reach out to staff liaisons and other University contacts to help find the right Georgetown connection if you can’t find that perfect niche at first.
    • Speakers representing Georgetown-- whether a professor, administrator, or Georgetown University Alumni Association representative-- can help create a prestigious context for the optics of your event.  
    • Venue is key!  Finding that perfect spot to convey elegance and eminence can help transform your event
    • Underwriting can help make lower price points for events, and likely higher attendance numbers, a reality.