Club Event Spotlights: Community Service

  • Name of club: Georgetown Club of Metropolitan New York
  • Leader Name: Cara Maresca
  • School/Class Year: C’11
  • Position within club board: Community Service Chair, Georgetown Club of Metropolitan New York
  • Programming Category: Community Service
  • Event headline: Junior Career Day/Career Panel at Cristo Rey High School Manhattan
  • Event description:  Not all community service events need to be landscaping or cleanup activities!  Sharing valuable knowledge and mentoring future students can be a great way to encourage Hoyas to help others without physically rolling up your sleeves and doing hard labor.  

In 2014, a group of Georgetown Alumni from various industries-- healthcare, law, non-profit, and others-- met with local students at the Jesuit High School Cristo Rey in Manhattan.  At first they hosted a discussion to talk about general transition to college, then shifted into smaller breakout groups based on industry to talk more specifically with students about how to pursue their individual areas of interest.  Afterwards, food and drink were shared by all and gave students another chance to talk with alumni.  

  • Event outcomes:  55 students and 25 alumni participated in this event.  
  • Tips for clubs planning this type of event
    • Soliciting interest among alumni for the type of engagement they want to receive specifically (e.g. “What kind of community service event would you prefer?” can be helpful in planning non-traditional community service events.
    • Partnering with local Jesuit schools (Cristo Rey is a great example) is a fantastic way to breed connection between local areas and Georgetown.  
    • Having various industries represented at any particular event will help alumni feel like their own contributions are special and contribute tangibly toward building something great.