Club Event Spotlights: Athletics

  • Name of club: Georgetown Club of Las Vegas
  • Leader Name: Jeff Civillico
  • School/Class Year: C’06
  • Position within club board: Former President, Club of Las Vegas
  • Programming Category: Athletics, Intellectual
  • Event headline: Hoya Madness in Las Vegas
  • Event description:  Many clubs host game watches for our Men’s Basketball team (or sometimes football, women’s basketball or similar).  Let’s face it, part of being a dedicated Hoya is cheering on our teams year in and out regardless of our record.

However, going above and beyond can help transform your club’s event from something ordinary to something extraordinary.  Jeff Civillico (C’06), former President of the Georgetown Club of Las Vegas, put together such an event with “Hoya Madness” from 2011 through 2013.

“Hoya Madness” (you can still see the archive at combined intellectual, social, and athletic events around the Hoyas being in the NCAA Basketball tournament.  For instance, in 2012, the event featured a University Update from Dean Chester Gillis, game watches in local casino showrooms, and after-parties on the Vegas Strip.   Additionally, special prices were procured for various happy hours on the strip and special rates for local hotels.

  • Event outcomes:  Over 100 Alumni and friends gathered from all around the country for this event at its peak.     Re-engaged Hoyas from around the globe around basketball during the NCAA tournament
  • Tips for clubs planning this type of event
    • Even outside of the NCAA tournament and Las Vegas, you can get great turnout for game watches if you bundle it with other programming (e.g. have a lecture or talk before or after the game).
    • Creating an engaging website specific to the event can help drive attendance.
    • Involving a representative from the university if available (for instance, if the Athletic Director or other university reps are traveling for the event) can be a huge aide toward driving attendance.
    • Creating drink specials and other discounts will help drive alumni satisfaction.