Georgetown Alumni Career Network

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Over 18,000 alumni volunteers are currently in the Alumni Career Network database that connects alumni internationally! Quite literally, the Alumni Career Network puts the power of the Georgetown community at your fingertips. The Alumni Career Network consists of alumni of various graduation years, schools and majors. To activate, deactivate or update your membership profile: Log into the Alumni Career Network.

Alumni Career Network volunteers have agreed to
  • Provide Georgetown students and fellow alumni with advice on careers, industries/industry trends and organizations within their areas of expertise
  • Respond in a timely, professional and appropriate fashion to inquiries
  • Make employment information and at least one method of contact visible (Please note: your information will only be visible to members of the Georgetown community who have logged into Georgetown Alumni Online and selected the Alumni Career Network)
  • Keep contact and career information up to date in the database
  • Receive information from Alumni Career Services including emails about events and/or ACS news
  • *New in 2009 – Alumni Career Network members will receive a quarterly e-newsletter to inform them about Alumni Career Services news, events and programs
Alumni Career Network volunteers have NOT agreed to
  • Provide job opportunities
  • Review resumes
  • Review business venture proposals
  • Interview students or participate in extended communication over time
  • Recruit students or alumni for open positions at their place of employment
Alumni Career Network volunteers have the ability to
  • Limit the number of contacts in a time period
  • Choose a preferred method of contact
  • Post current as well as past employment history
  • Upload a resume
  • Choose a field of specialty
  • Indicate an interest in other career-related volunteer opportunities
  • Indicate an interest in working further with specific Georgetown populations (law, medical, GPPI, GSFS, MBA, etc.)