Job Search Guide

This guide has been compiled for your convenience from a variety of online and print resources. It is intended to serve as a compendium of best practices but, due to constant changes in industry and communication practices, does not claim to be comprehensive.

In addition to this guide, Alumni Career Services offers resume and cover letter review services. Please visit the Resume and Interview Services section for more information. If you have job searching expertise that you are willing to share with Georgetown alumni, please consider hosting a Webinar. For more details, please contact us.

Resume Services

A resume is a snapshot of what you have to offer an organization. It is an individualized document and represents how you are packaging your experience and background to a potential employer. Typically, an employer views a resume for about 15-20 seconds. Consequently, your resume should be... Read more

Cover Letters

A cover letter is your opportunity to package and present everything you have to offer that is relevant to the employer in a format that brings items together in a way that a resume cannot. Each letter MUST be targeted to a specific job. NEVER send a generic letter. The letter should be addressed... Read more

Interview Prep

An interview for a job is a two-way process. The interview gives the employer the opportunity to meet you in person and to evaluate the “total” you. This includes your attitude, appearance, personality, confidence, knowledge about yourself, and knowledge about the company, as well as basic ability... Read more

Salary Negotiations

Preparation (For information about when job announcements ask for salary requirements, see the cover letter section.) There are many factors that go into salary decisions: your education, experience, skills, and negotiating approach; benefits offered; sector (i.e., nonprofit, private, public); the... Read more

References and Samples

Writing Samples Typically, writing samples should be about 3-5 pages in length unless otherwise specified. However, you could probably submit up to 10 pages if you had a longer document that was relevant and impressive. The sample doesn’t have to be directly related to the organization, but should... Read more