Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee promotes strong board composition that will be effective in supporting the goals, objectives and initiatives of Georgetown University. The predominant factors guiding the nominee selection process include: professional expertise and influence; geographic ethnic religions and gender diversity; record of service and financial commitment to the university; demonstrated fundraising ability; willingness to spend time developing an understanding of the university's current situation and long-range issues; and providing advice in specific areas. The committee's mission is achieved by working with the university and the Board of Regents to develop a list of qualified candidates; by seeking out and cultivating the interest of prospective candidates; by preparing annually a slate of nominees for approval by the Executive Committee and election by the board; by overseeing the orientation and deployment of new board members; and by reviewing the performance of incumbent members who are eligible for reelection.

Administrator: Associate Vice President, Principal Gifts and Regional Development

Staff: Associate Vice President for Campaign Operations, Prospect Management Analytics

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please contact Caroline Heydinger, Board of Regents communications manager, at