Role of the Board of Regents and Responsibilities of Members

The Board of Regents of Georgetown University is the university-wide advisory board whose members serve as Georgetown's most senior ambassadors. The regents provide counsel to the president and administration and provide leadership in philanthropic support to Georgetown. As representatives of the university, regents seek to advance Georgetown's reputation. Members provide connections to potential Georgetown supporters through their personal and professional associations. They educate others about the university and build on new and existing relationships to galvanize support for Georgetown.

As one of three university-wide boards, the Board of Regents interacts with the Board of Directors, the university's governing board, and the alumni association's Board of Governors. The three board chairs regularly interact to facilitate communication and collaboration among the advisory bodies. The chair of the Board of Regents and the president of the alumni association also serve as ex officio members of the Board of Directors and provide regular reports to the directors in that capacity.

Members of the Board of Regents serve three-year terms that run from July 1 to June 30, and may serve up to two consecutive terms depending on the level and consistency of participation during the first term. The regents' responsibilities are:

  • To serve as advocates and ambassadors of Georgetown University. This includes promoting the university's mission and identifying others willing to support it. Regents also play a critical role in stewarding gifts to the university, personally thanking donors for their support. These roles require regents to be well-informed about the university's mission, policies, goals, programs and priorities.
  • To provide advice and counsel to the administration and the president, primarily through active participation on one of the board's committees.
  • To attend and actively participate in two to three meetings of the board each year and to serve on one or two standing committees.
  • To provide support for Georgetown by making significant contributions to the university. Regents are asked to make contributions to the Annual Fund and capital gifts to the current campaign, as appropriate to their circumstances. The philanthropic contribution expected as part of board service is at least $100,000 during the three-year term.
  • To identify individuals who have the means and willingness to support Georgetown and encourage them to become involved in university projects and programs.
  • To participate in and or host events and programs that help Georgetown to achieve its mission; for example, hosting Georgetown gatherings in their regions, attending networking events with students and young alumni hosted by the Georgetown Career Network, participating in the alumni admissions program, attending retreat programs offered by the Office of Mission and Ministry and attending events held in conjunction with Georgetown's capital campaign as senior representatives of the university.

Appointment as a Regent is subject to approval of the president of the university.