Alumni Stories

Georgetown alumni are passionate and driven leaders, prompting worldwide change in industries such as business, public policy, healthcare and the arts. Read about Hoyas making their mark as men and women for others.

Alumni at Work
Robert Bosch Fellowship program
May 2016

Georgetown Alumni Excel in German Fellowship Program

The 2015-2016 class of the Robert Bosch Fellowship program. Photo credit: Cristina Gonzalez Since 1984, the Robert Bosch Fellowship program has selected 15-20 Americans each year to work at German...
Georgetown Magazine
Rebecca Blue (M'08) practices and teaches both emergency medicine and aerospace medicine.
Mar 2016

Georgetown Magazine: Med Alumna’s Career in Space Medicine

By Kate Corboy and Jeffrey Donahoe Imagine riding in an elevator ascending at fast speed. Your body wants to sink low toward the floor to compensate for the upward motion. Your blood wants to sink...
Hoya Highlight
Dec 2015

Hoya Highlight: Ricky Ashenfelter (MSB'09)

Co-Founder & CEO, Spoiler Alert Describe your current profession. I am the co-founder and CEO of an early-stage startup called Spoiler Alert that was launched while I was in grad school at MIT...
Hoya Highlight
Donna McNamara
Dec 2015

Hoya Highlight: Donna McNamara (MBA'07)

Senior Director, Luxury Brand Management, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company LLC Describe your current profession. I lead the global brand strategy and initiatives affecting the guest experience for The...
Hoya Highlight
Dec 2015

Hoya Highlight: Nora Gardner (C'07)

CEO and Creative Director, Nora Gardner NYC Describe your current profession. I am the founder of Nora Gardner NYC, a women’s professional workwear brand based in NYC. My primary roles are design,...
Alumni at Work
Sasha Orloff (MBA’06)
Dec 2015

Changing Finance Through Innovation - Sasha Orloff (MBA’06)

Sasha Orloff’s (MBA’06) company has been named one of 2015’s most innovative in personal finance.
Hoyas for Others
Nov 2015

Hoyas Making a Difference in Veterans’ Lives

#HoyasForOthers Georgetown’s proud mission to serve as women and men for others is exemplified through many in the Hoya community, and perhaps doubly so by our Hoya veterans. One particular group of...
Hoya Highlight
Ario Keshani
Jun 2015

Hoya Highlight: Ario Keshani (SFS'05)

CEO, Split Technology, Inc. Describe your current profession. I am the CEO at Split ( ), a shared ride startup based in DC. Split is a convenient, sustainable and affordable way to get...
Hoya Highlight
Ashley Dodgen McCormick
Jun 2015

Hoya Highlight: Ashley Dodgen McCormick (C'05)

Founder and Designer, ASHA by ADM Describe your current profession. I am the CEO & creative director of the jewelry company, ASHA, which I founded while a student at Georgetown. Tell us about...
Hoya Highlight
Lee Kelly
Jun 2015

Hoya Highlight: Lee Kelly (Alycia Appicello) (C'02)

Author, Simon & Schuster Describe your current profession. I’m an entertainment lawyer by trade, but I’ve taken a brief hiatus from practicing to focus solely on writing my books under contract...
Alumni Spotlight
Kathleen "Katie" Kingsbury (F'01) is Ideas Editor for Boston Globe Media
May 2015

Katie Kingsbury Wins Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

When Katie Kingsbury joined the Boston Globe editorial board in 2013, she noticed that the issue of income inequality would come up frequently in discussions. The board wanted to weigh in on this...
Alumni at Work
GUSA Alumni: Where are they now?
Jan 2015

Where Are They Now? - GUSA Alumni Edition

The mission of the Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) is to serve as the "official voice of students to the university administration and the greater community." Hundreds of students...