Alumni Stories

Georgetown alumni are passionate and driven leaders, prompting worldwide change in industries such as business, public policy, healthcare and the arts. Read about Hoyas making their mark as men and women for others.

Georgetown Magazine
Donn Fassero, Todd Smith, and Richard Han
Sep 2016

Georgetown Magazine: One Practice, Three Generations

Richard Han (M'09), right, says that the sense of community and a strong support system at Georgetown School of Medicine sets the school apart. Today he's in an orthopedic practice in Modesto,...
Georgetown Magazine
So Others Might Eat
Aug 2016

Georgetown Magazine: An Opportunity to Serve with Friends

Food and nutrition services have always been a volunteer match for Mu Alpha Hoyas. Image credit: Mu Alpha website By Timothy Rosenberger (C'16) When Paul Albergo (C'82) thinks about his four years at...
Georgetown Magazine
Parag Khanna signing his most recent book, Connectography
Jul 2016

Georgetown Magazine: Ten Questions with Global Strategist Parag Khanna (F’99, MA’05)

Parag Khanna (F'99, MA'05) launched his most recent book, Connectography , at an April event in Riggs Library with Georgetown President John J. DeGioia and Chuck Hagel, former U.S. secretary of...
Georgetown Magazine
Photo by Cady Voge
Jun 2016

Class Aims to Create Sustainable Social Change

Anjali Daryanani (F’11), a documentary filmmaker, is currently working with the directors of Spandana Society, an NGO which shelters, educates, and cares for 61 street children in Hyderabad, India...
Georgetown Magazine
The original poem by Warren Chism from 1867
May 2016

Georgetown Archives: 200 Years of Preserving the Extraordinary and the Ordinary

Interview by Jeffrey Donahoe Georgetown’s archives turned 200 in April, making it one of the nation’s oldest archives and one of the university’s greatest resources. More than a collection of books...
Georgetown Magazine
Illustration by Syrian artist Diala Brisly
Apr 2016

60 Million: Understanding the Global Refugee Crisis

Interview by Jeffrey Donahoe Last year, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced that there were just under 60 million refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide, the...
Georgetown Magazine
Rebecca Blue (M'08) practices and teaches both emergency medicine and aerospace medicine.
Mar 2016

Georgetown Magazine: Med Alumna’s Career in Space Medicine

By Kate Corboy and Jeffrey Donahoe Imagine riding in an elevator ascending at fast speed. Your body wants to sink low toward the floor to compensate for the upward motion. Your blood wants to sink...
Georgetown Magazine
Photo credit: Jaap Buitendijk/Dreamworks Pictures/Disney
Feb 2016

Georgetown Magazine: Connection to the Film "Bridge of Spies"

The Cold War-era drama-thriller Bridge of Spies, nominated this year for six Academy Awards, including best picture and best original screenplay, has a connection to a multi-generational Georgetown...
Georgetown Magazine
Crossing the Border
Jan 2016

Georgetown Magazine: Crossing the Border

Look at any map and you will find borders. Some are formed by topography—a mountain range, the ancient path a river has gouged—but most are largely theoretical and political, drawn by human hand as a...
Georgetown Magazine
Music Comes Alive at Dahlgren
Dec 2015

Georgetown Magazine: Music Comes Alive at Dahlgren

Backpacks and laptop bags line the side aisles as students settle themselves into this welcoming space, described by many as the heart of campus.
Georgetown Magazine
Nov 2015

Timothy M. Gay

By Timothy Rosenberger (C’16) Photo of Timothy M. Gay Although he wasn’t yet at Georgetown for the legendary 1969 Who concert, Tim Gay (C’76) had long been curious about how the famous and...
Georgetown Magazine
The Who Rocks Georgetown
Nov 2015

Georgetown Magazine: The Night The Who Rocked Georgetown

Towle was crouched in front of a bank of amplifiers on McDonough Gymnasium’s stage, watching a crowd of 6,000 rush toward him. It was about 10 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 2, 1969. Towle, chair of the...