Michael Litton (B’72)

Michael Litton

Founder and CEO, Bridge Brands Chocolate

Michael Litton found his niche in the multibillion-dollar chocolate industry selling bite-sized gourmet chocolates packaged in personalized tins. Like many of his successes over the years, this is the product of “pure accident,” admits Litton, who founded Bridge Brand Chocolates in 2000. The company produces a wide variety of specialty chocolates, including its popular Wine Lover’s Chocolate, which matches different types of chocolate with complimentary wine pairings. Litton’s idea to deliver the candy in artfully-designed tins has added to its appeal as well. Bridge Brands is best known for its Landmark Tin Collection, which focuses on city icons such as the Golden Gate Bridge, making them perfect souvenirs in each corresponding location. Over the past decade, Bridge Brands has also expanded its reach on a national level, selling to retailers such as World Market and T.J. Maxx.