Five Memorable Quotes from Georgetown Commencement Speeches

Rev. Guy Consolmagno, S.J.

Each year, accomplished leaders in top areas such as business, government and entertainment set out to inspire, empower and encourage new classes of graduates at commencement. Even when the excitement of the day causes some students to forget some of these poignant admonitions, there are always a few gems that carry on with them as they embark on their futures as graduates. Here are a few great quotes from recent Georgetown commencement ceremonies.

2012 Georgetown College Commencement: David Simon (H'12)

Former Crime Reporter, Creator of “The Wire” and other hit series

David Simon Commencement Quote

Simon implored graduates to “bring the fight you need to bring,” in order to make the world a better place. He said, “There cannot be two American experiments, one for the fortunate and another for the rest. All of us must share the same future – like it or not.” View the full commencement speech.

2014 Georgetown College Commencement: Rev. Guy Consolmagno, S.J. (H'14)

Vatican Observatory Astronomer

Rev. Guy Consolmagno, S.J. Commencement Quote

Father Consolmagno reminded graduates of Georgetown College that they were about to head out into "world that is a lot bigger" than the "universe" they spent four years in.“Being a person for others really works. What you have learned here is that you never need to be afraid of the truth but you should never think that your comprehension of the truth is ever finished or ever complete,” he said. View the full commencement speech.

2013 Senior Convocation: Brit Marling (C'04)

Actress, Director

Brit Marling (C'04) Quote

Marling extolled the virtues of the many connections she made at Georgetown that went on to shape her career and life’s work. "The bonds that you have made with the people sitting beside you are the asset worth the price of admission," she said. View the full speech.

2014 School of Continuing Studies Commencement: Marilyn Jordan Taylor (H'14)

Dean at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design

Taylor implored students to be more than just "#activists" and to go out and move the world. "What you can bring to your city, to your life, is a commitment to collective intelligence," she said. View the full commencement address.

2014 Georgetown College Commencement: Steve Case (H'14)

Former CEO and President of AOL

Steve Case Commencement Quote

Case advised new graduates on the importance of entrepreneurs, both in our economy and in our society. Entrepreneurship, he said, is not just a source of job creation and economic growth. "Entrepreneurship matters because it has the potential to close the opportunity gap and to genuinely improve the quality of life for everyone." View the full commencement speech.