Alumni Author Spotlight: Summer Thrillers

Knowing your subject matter is a crucial part of creating an entertaining and believable story. This is especially important in the genre of legal thrillers, where a lack of research and accurate details can lead to a hard-to-follow plot. With his decades of legal experience—18 of which include serving first as a state and then a federal prosecutor—this aspect of storytelling comes naturally to Judge Joel Barrows (L’93).

As a district court judge in Bettendorf, Iowa, Barrows is able to color his stories with facts as only someone with an inside perspective can. He recently published Deep White Cover, the first in a series of books about Special Agent David Ward, an undercover operative for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who infiltrates extremist anti-immigrant groups to protect national security and to find the source of rising hate crimes against immigrant groups.

“As an Assistant U.S. Attorney for over 18 years, I worked with people who worked undercover from numerous law enforcement agencies,” Barrows said. “Those in the ATF, I thought, are especially good at what they do. I also thought this was an interesting part of the legal system that hasn’t been explored very much in fiction.”

The book was released in May 2014. The next installment, Deep Green Cover, will focus on Agent Ward’s infiltration of an eco-terrorist organization.

The Fund

by H.T. Narea (F’82)

U.S. defense intelligence operative Kate Molares is investigating a suspicious international money trail. Kate is in a race against time to fit together the pieces of this global puzzle ... or risk the catastrophic destruction of the world’s financial markets.

Forge Macmillan (May 2011)

Embassy Intrigue

by Roger Neetz (F’48)

Embassy Intrigue is an inside story of embassy life and intelligence operations in Moscow during the Cold War period, events that still impact today’s world.

American Book Publishing (February 14, 2010)