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Title:We Took The Risk

Author: Tom Weirich (SFS'02)
Date Published: September 15, 2022

Releasing Oct. 1, 2022, preorders available now. 

The stories behind the early risk takers in U.S. renewable energy and the leadership traits that made them a success.

Renewables are not for everyone. It takes a passionate professional that’s ready to take on risk and truly commit to impacting the world around them. But how do you assess the risks that are worthwhile to take? How did renewables start in the U.S., and who took the first risks to grow the industry? What traits did they embody?

We Took the Risk dives into the personal journeys of 25 executives who, through their own combination of traits, took on the challenges of an early U.S. renewable energy industry. Author Tom Weirich lets you view the beginnings of the industry as if you were there, lock in step with these entrepreneurial leaders as they sift through decisions that would forever impact the trajectory of renewables in the U.S.

We Took the Risk serves to empower and remind that no matter where you are in your own renewables journey, we all have the power to make an impact. We just have to take the risk.

(New Degree Press, 2022)

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