Category: Alumni Authors

Title:The Blueberry Man (and other works)

Author: Christina E. Petrides (G'09)
Date Published: November 8, 2022

drawing of a man in blueberry bushes

The Blueberry Man

Who was the Blueberry Man? This is a true story, a picture book based on Christina’s childhood memories in Georgia, USA. Christina remembers her grandfather, an American Navy veteran who had fought in the Second World War. After the war, he worked as a farmer, and grew many delicious blueberries, which he generously shared with friends and neighbors.

(Tchaikovsky Family Books, 2022)

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a woman in an apron with the words "tea cakes, quilts, and sonshine"

Tea Cakes, Quilts, and Sonshine

(Companion to The Blueberry Man)

Grandmas are busy people. Besides her family, Mrs. Tennant always makes time for three activities: baking, quilting, and giving weekly Sonshine programs in her local nursing homes. Over many years, she brings sweetness, color, and joy into countless lives.

(Tchaikovsky Family Books, 2022)

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a person stands at an open refrigerator with a cat in the background

The Refrigerator Ghost

What is the last place people expect to be haunted? Probably their refrigerator. The Tomasons jokingly blame a ghost when things disappear in their untidy fridge. Little do they know, there actually is a cute, but frustrated, small ghost trapped inside because of that growing mess.

The Refrigerator Ghost, written for ages 3-8, is an engaging tale that encourages families to compost their leftovers instead of letting them clutter their refrigerators. Children will be delighted by the tiny ghost’s desire to escape outdoors, and will enjoy finding it hiding in the amusing illustrations.

An earlier version of the The Refrigerator Ghost story was a literary finalist in the 2020 Adelaide Books Children’s Literature and Illustration Award contest.

(Kong Books, 2022)

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