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Title:Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook, Second Edition

Author: Roger Cochetti (SFS'72)
Date Published: September 21, 2022

With a preface by noted satellite scientist Dr. Ahmad Ghais, the Second Edition reflects the expanded user base for this technology by updating information on historic, current, and planned commercial and military satellite systems and by expanding sections that explain the technology for non-technical professionals.

The book begins with an introduction to satellite communications and goes on to provide an overview of the technologies involved in mobile satellite communications, providing basic introductions to RF Issues, power Issues, link issues and system issues. It describes early commercial mobile satellite communications systems, such as Marisat and Marecs and their military counterparts.

The book then discusses the full range of Inmarsat and other current and planned geostationary, low earth orbiting and hybrid mobile satellite systems from over a dozen countries and companies.  It is an essential guide for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of this industry and military tool.

• Revised edition will serve both technical and non-technical professionals who rely every day on mobile satellite communications
• Describes and explains historic, current, and planned civil, commercial, and military mobile satellite communication systems.
• First Edition charts and tables updated and expanded with current material for today’s mobile satellite technology

(John Wiley & Sons, 2014)

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