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Author: Anne Crown Cyr (C'65, G'69)
Date Published: October 18, 2022

A sunset behind a tree with the words 'Evergreen: A Novel'

Travel writer Emma Collins made the singular decision that changed her life forever-something she struggles to rectify. She wants to know why her long-term love relationship was so complicated, so hard to hold on to. After she returns to her childhood home, Evergreen, to bury her mother, Emma reflects on her life and her future.

Haunted by the memory of her true love, she feels helpless to move into the future without some resolution of the past, of what could have been and what remains, until her heart opens to an unexpected romance with a young vintner in Provence. Will she settle for that less than perfect, less than once-in-a-lifetime love? Even she can’t decide until fate steps in and takes her full circle, making an unforeseen choice for her. An unusual women’s fiction story of twists and turns, readers can expect the unexpected and will be blown away by its ending.

(Byzantium Sky Press, 2022)

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