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Professors with Style

By Andrea Sumner

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From brooches to bowties, suspenders to colorful clothing choices, Georgetown’s professors have some serious style. Here’s a look at just a few ways these educators add personality to the classroom. 

Stephen Ray Mitchell, M.D.

Dean for Medical Education

The School of Medicine’s Dean Mitchell is rarely seen without his signature bowtie. He has quite a collection of colors and patterns—more than thirty to be exact. For Georgetown’s signature events in the School of Medicine, like the annual White Coat Ceremony, he dons a blue and gray bowtie to show his Hoya spirit.

Anthony Clark Arend, Ph.D.

Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service Program

Tony Arend, a professor in the Department of Government, is often found wearing suspenders in the classroom. The dapper look—not only for the older set—complements his animated teaching style and lighthearted personality.

The Hon. Madeleine Albright, Ph.D.

Mortara Distinguished Professor of Diplomacy

Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State and a professor of diplomacy in the School of Foreign Service, is rarely seen without a stylish brooch affixed to one of her many equally stylish business suits.

Eric Langenbacher, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Director of the Senior Honors Program

Eric Langenbacher, assistant professor in the Department of Government, often teaches class in brightly colored items like a red leather jacket—custom made for him in Argentina while on vacation there—or a bright yellow vest.