Top 25 Things Every Hoya Should Know

1. Know the Fight Song…and sing it regularly in random situations.
2. Meet the Jesuits, and pet Jack.
3. Cool off in Dahlgren Fountain.
4. Go to a concert at the 9:30 Club, especially when it's an alumni band.
5. Wait in line for a GUGS burger. Yes, it’s worth the wait.
6. Sit on John Carroll’s lap.
7. Eat a Chicken Madness from Wisemiller’s Deli (333-8254).
8. Tell time by the clanking of the Healy Clock tower.
9. Pull an all-nighter in Sellinger, Lauinger or Hariri.
10. Watch The Exorcist in Gaston on Halloween.
11. Join a protest on the National Mall.
12. Discover that Thomas Sweet is far better than Häagen-Dazs
13. Go to a basketball game at the Verizon Center.
14. Get a brownie sundae at the Tombs.
15. Step around the seal in front of Healy for four years, even if you’re not superstitious.
16. Trick-or-treat at the embassies on Halloween.
17. Chalk Red Square.
18. Meet heads of state who regale you with Tombs stories from way back when.
19. Spend your last three bucks on a slice from Philly Pizza.  It’s worth it.
20. Study abroad.
21. Wait in line for chicken fingers on Thursday, even if you complain about Leo’s the rest of the time.
22. Party on the Village A rooftops.
23. Take Safe Rides.
24. Go see the cherry blossoms in the Spring.
25. Don’t let it be too long since last we met!


Who’s Jack?

While Georgetown students are nicknamed Hoyas, their mascot is an English bulldog known as Jack. Through the years, dogs have been a part of Georgetown athletics, including a Russian wolfhound, war-decorated Boston bull terrier and Great Dane.

Georgetown University formally adopted the English bulldog as mascot in 1962, arguing that Georgetown students, like bulldogs, are "tenacious." Students raised money to purchase a mascot they hoped to name "Hoya," he stubbornly refused (as bulldogs do) to respond to anything but his given name, "Jack." They soon gave up and began to call the dog "Jack" beginning a tradition that continues today.

The current Jack comes from a long line of champions and Bulldog Club of America Hall of Famers. Jack lives with Christopher Steck, S.J., on the fourth floor of New South Dorm, where he attends weekly Mass on Thursday nights. When he’s not hanging out in the lobby of the Jesuit community, Jack delights Hoya fans at sporting events with his playful attacks on boxes bearing the opposing team’s logo.

Jack the BulldogVital Statistics
Jack the Bulldog
born: May 3, 2003
arrived: July 19, 2003
birthplace: Freehold, N.J. (birthplace of Bruce Springsteen)
family: Related to "Rocky," Georgetown’s mascot during the 1980s
weight and color: 57 lbs., red fawn
resides: New South Dorm
caretaker: Christopher Steck, S.J., and 15-20 official student chaperons
favorite pastime: Crunching plastic bottles and tearing apart cardboard boxes
favorite food: Liver
favorite game: Keep away
pet peeve: Fire alarms


What’s a hoya?

No one seems to know exactly when or how the term “Hoya Saxa” was first used at Georgetown. Many years ago, there was a team at Georgetown called the “Stonewalls,” and it is suggested that a student applied the Greek and Latin terms and dubbed them “Hoya Saxa,” meaning “what rocks!” Hoya has since become a nickname for Georgetown’s athletic teams and students.

Hoia is from the Greek word hoios, meaning “such a” or “what a.” The neuter plural of this word is hoia, which agrees with the neuter plural of the Latin word saxa, meaning rocks; thus we have hoya— substituting the letter “y” for “i.” Before 1900, every Georgetown student studied both Greek and Latin, so there was no need to explain what the expression meant.

Tim Duffin (M’88, R’90)

Tim Duffin (M’88, R’90)

1st Term Governor

Tim Duffin – 1st Term Governor

Clarksville, TN

Class: M’88, R’90

I love “giving back” to the great university that allowed me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a father, a practicing Christian, and a surgeon. Georgetown instilled the “Cura Personalis” dictum, of caring for the whole person, and taught me to “go into the world and do great things for others.”  Serving as a Governor has been an excellent opportunity to give back by helping guide critical alumni programming intended to maintain the connection with the University I so deeply respect.

I first learned about the GUAA Board of Governors while participating as a mentor for the Georgetown Scholarship Program. The scholarship program director, who is also an alumna, suggested I consider serving.  Before becoming a Governor, I participated on several boards including the Board of Directors for The Southeastern Section of the American Urological Association, E-MDS medical software advisory board, local high school athletic boards, and local hospital executive boards. The work on these boards prepared me for this interesting and challenging work on the Board of Governors. As a Governor, I am able to collaborate with colleagues to fulfill the mission of GUAA, which is a truly valuable experience.

My time as a Governor has shown me that “time, talent and treasure” are displayed in varied ways, but the passion my fellow Governors and staff show is inspiring.  I have participated in a number of worthwhile and important initiatives as a Governor that have provided to alumni and students including Hoya Gateway Speed Networking Events. This program allowed me continue my passion for interacting with students by directly engaging with the undergraduates and providing guidance (and hopefully reassurance) that they are indeed on a great pathway by being part of the Georgetown community.

Mary Machado-Schammel (C’80, MBA’15)

Mary Machado-Schammel (C’80, MBA’15)


Mary Machado-Schammel - Senator

Pasadena, CA

Class: C’80, MBA’15

I became familiar with the Board of Governors through my involvement as President of the Georgetown Club of Southern California. My time as club president inspired me to take the next step of service to the alumni community in the role of Governor. As a club leader, I was able to address many issues of a growing club in a major city such as leadership, diverse programming and a large geographic area. Armed with this knowledge, it was my goal when I became a Governor to further address these issues on a larger scale and lend my insight to helping other clubs around the world.

Shortly after my term began, I became very involved with the Alumni Clubs Committee. Under the leadership of GUAA Executive Director Bill Reynolds, the extraordinary GU staff and GUAA leadership, the Board of Governors has made tremendous strides in fostering the exponential growth of both U.S. and International Clubs. We truly have an engaged global alumni group and network through local, regional, national and international initiatives and events. Through my work as a Governor, I helped develop the Georgetown University Wall Street Alliance West whose purpose is to raise the awareness of the university amongst the west-coast financial community.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being Governor, and now a Senator. This opportunity has provided a means to stay connected with Georgetown University; make a difference in our Los Angeles, DC and global communities; and work with a dynamic and committed group of Hoyas. Being back on the Hilltop for leadership weekends also inspired me to become a double Hoya as a recent graduate of the Global MBA Program with ESADE Business and Law School, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business and Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Melissa Bradley (B’89)

Melissa Bradley (B’89)

Appointed Governor

Melissa Bradley – Appointed Governor

Location: Washington, D.C.

Class: B’89

I am honored to serve on my second tour of duty on the Board of Governors. I learned about the Board through my ongoing engagement as an alumna with admissions and other alumni events, and remain actively engaged in GU through various clubs and McDonough School of Business departments. I wanted to join the Board of Governor in order to share my "internal" perspective as a faculty member at Georgetown’s McDonough School. Having been a student and now a member of the faculty, I bring varied perspectives to the role in order to help engage these critical stakeholders of the GU community.

I started my service as a Governor in 2004, took a break, and returned this year as head of the Strategic Planning Committee.  In this role, I am helping craft a strategic plan for GUAA for the next three years. The new plan reflects the interest and goals of the entire Board of Governors and aligns with university priorities. As head of the newly formed Diversity Committee, I will continue to help GUAA reflect the diversity of the university, and bring varied voices and perspectives to the Board of Governors.

My unconditional love for Georgetown and my desire to continue to improve its culture for students, staff, faculty and alumni has empowered me as a Governor, and now Senator. I want to make a difference and contribute fully with fellow Board of Governor members on tackling important issues impacting alumni around the world.  It is a treasured opportunity to be surrounded by so many folks who have had similar experiences as part of the alumni community and share a deep commitment to GU. Being able to fulfill a leadership position is a privilege - to serve, learn from my colleagues and have an impact on those who will come after me.

Vikram Agrawal (F’07)

Vikram Agrawal (F’07)

2nd Term Governor

Vikram Agrawal, 2nd Term Governor

Location: New York, NY

Class: F’07

The Board of Governors is the type of organization where your experience is directly related to the amount of effort you put in it. As an undergraduate, I was blessed to have had such a unique opportunity to serve as a Student Governor because it was by far one of my best experiences on the Hilltop. I met a great group of dedicated alumni who soon became my mentors and friends. In this role, I partnered with the Board of Governors and helped lead several initiatives to increase student and alumni interactions on the Hilltop and around the world. Students are future alumni. It is important for students to experience the enriching and diverse alumni community and begin to foster an appreciation for being a part of the Georgetown family.

As a result of my experience as a Student Governor, I became extremely involved with GUAA after graduation. I joined the Wall Street Alliance and my regional clubs, spoke on various student/alumni panels, became an AAP interviewer, served as a regional leader of the Georgetown Entertainment & Media Alliance, and have served as Co-Chair of my Class Committee since 2007. From these various volunteer experiences, I developed a comprehensive perspective of what it is like to be part of the alumni community from being a student to a young alum.

My connection and affinity to Georgetown has been truly enriched by serving as a Governor. Not only are we tasked with providing leadership and strategic direction for GUAA and Georgetown’s global alumni community, but we help implement tangible programs that benefit students and alumni. The Board of Governors is made up of dedicated alumni who understand that Georgetown is not only the Hilltop. Georgetown is more than just bricks & mortar... Georgetown is truly a diverse, global community and it's our duty to make sure that it remains special for generations to come.