Georgetown University

Board of Governors 2014-2017 Election Results

The Georgetown University Alumni Association is pleased to announce the 2014 elected slate to the Board of Governors for the 2014-2017 term.

The following alumni have been elected: as a first-term Governor:

  • Kate Fisher Baumann (B'07)
  • Raquel Braun, Esq. (L'10)
  • Katherine Brodie Collins (C'83)
  • Jaqueline Kenneally (C'89)
  • Rosa Levy (C'88)
  • Eamonn Moran (C'04, L'07)
  • James O'Neill, Jr., M.D. (C'55)

The following alumni have been re-elected as a second-term Governor:

  • Mr. Vikram Agrawal (F’07)
  • Robert Barone (C’84, M’88)
  • Christina Besozzi (C’05)
  • Heather Hawkins (N’80)
  • Bridget McInerney Harris (F’76, L’81)
  • Frederico Stubbe (B’98)
  • Michael Yaeger (B’03)